Up and Down and All Around

*The never ending winter finally sort of ended and soccer season has begun. The first practice was cancelled because the fields were too muddy, but they finally opened them up (but they are still a mud pit) and Erik met his new team tonight. We’ll see how it goes, but Mike was not too impressed with the first look at the kids. It’s supposed to be for fun, so who cares. First game tomorrow after a mere one hour of practice.

Last season he was on a mediocre team. The first few losses were tough, but he survived them and came out a better person. We can actually play games with him now and he is more philosophical about losing. No temper tantrums, crying, or any of that non-sense. Learning disappointment is good for a kid. Who knew?

*Elsa’s class went on a little field trip yesterday. I still don’t understand where we were. I guess we were at someone’s house? It was a guy and his wife and a log cabin and big, giant yard way out in the country. They had some little chicks that the kids could look at (Elsa was terrified), the guy cut a bunch of wood with a chain saw (kids in general loved it, Elsa was terrified), then the kids went on a nature walk through the woods and found a bunch of deer bones. It was fine. I just. . . don’t understand who this guy was? Just a random lumberjack?

*The Frozen obsession rages on across the nation. There was a little girl in full Elsa regalia and a blonde side braid at the gym daycare the other day. She was PISSED at Elsa since Elsa can legit be called Elsa. The baker thought I was being ridiculous when I asked them to write “Happy Birthday Elsa” on the Frozen themed cake that Elsa picked out, people think Elsa is making up her name all the time and it upsets her. On the day she was born I wanted to change her name but everyone laughed at me. I guess I have the last laugh. Shoulda changed it.

*I can’t quit watching Frozen youtube song videos. Someone make me stop. I don’t even understand why there are a bunch of people lipsyncing songs while driving and making videos of it. And why am I watching this non-sense?

*Nor do I understand why people make youtube videos of playing with Barbies and Play-Doh. Elsa stumbled upon this delightful phenomenon today. When Erik got home he was puzzled “So. . . she’s watching a video of someone playing Barbie? Why doesn’t she just play Barbie?”

I DON’T KNOW! And I don’t know why he only watches videos of people playing Minecraft instead of actually playing Minecraft. I do not understand the year 2014. Someone sent me back to 1984 (only as an adult, not a child. And let me take my smartphone with me, and provide some kind of secret wifi from the future).

*Speaking of. . . I got a new phone! It is soooooo much better than my old one. My old one was half screen, half keyboard. I thought I would like having actual buttons, but it made the screen way too tiny. This one is a lot more screen and I love it! I have no idea what kind it is. I’d have to find the box. It’s from Verizon and that’s all I know.

*I’m finally getting back into the habit of daily gym time. I feel so much better, except I hate my new routine. I tried to go back to the elliptical but it killed my back and knee. I’m doing the exercise bike, which just seems so ineffective. I’ve finally figured out where to set the seat so it doesn’t kill my butt, so that’s a plus. I have also figured out how to set it to work up a sweat, so that’s good. I was setting it to Fat Burn, but I never broke a sweat so it felt pointless. I guess it doesn’t really matter as long as I am getting some exercise in, right? I’m still doing BodyPump twice a week and am finally starting to feel my muscles harden up (except my abs. Those will never get under control).

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  1. kimberly said,

    April 9, 2014 @ 12:55 pm

    Can you do treadmill on incline? Do intervals where it’s relatively flat, then up the incline, then back down, etc – most have some kind of preprogram for that. I don’t run it, just brisk walk it – like fast enough to be kind of out of breath.

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