It has been a crazy few days around here. Never have a baby around a holiday. That’s my advice. Except, of course, if you really want a baby you want it whenever it feels like arriving. I was certainly not one of those magical people who could plan the month of my delivery (I have a friend who planned all three of hers and her plan worked. It boggles my mind.)

Life would be so much simpler if Elsa’s birthday was not on top of Easter and spring break. Trying to fit in all the Easter egg hunts, school spring parties, Easter bunny baskets and a birthday party is running me ragged. It didn’t help that I was the only one willing to sign up as the egg hider for Elsa’s class, so that cut short my very limited free time today. I needed to buy supplies for the birthday party and supplies for Easter baskets. I wanted to buy pre-made Easter baskets this year, but the only decent ones I’ve seen were at Costco back in early March. Elsa was with me or I would have bought them then. At this point I don’t have time to make the trip to Costco and they might already be sold out. So off to the store for a shit load of candy and crap. This year I tried to put the bare minimum of candy in and stick with some fun toys I think the kids will enjoy (play-doh, pokemon cards, etc).

I also had to put together a plan for the b-day goody bags. As most of you know, I am a major hater of goody bags. They are a waste of money and resources and I H-A-T-E them. However, everyone expects them and they are the new way to signal the end of the party. This year I hit on an idea I actually really loved for Erik’s party (make your own trail mix bar) and wanted to do something similiar for Elsa’s party. Problem? Most of the kids will be even younger than her, it is actually really expensive to get a ton of ingredients and we don’t have a whole lot of time to deal with the kids trying to scoop ingredients.

We’re doing a Frozen theme, so I decided to make reindeer chow. I got blue and white candy melts, little tiny square pretzels and Cracklin’ Oats cereal and mixed it all together into a big blob of crunchy, sweet goodness. I packaged it in clear plastic bags and hope the kids aren’t too disappointed. I need to go find some kind of ribbon to tie on them, and maybe make some kind of tag that says “Sven’s Chow” or something else that is super creative. Help me be super creative, people! I need you!

My mom is coming Saturday afternoon, so that day is pretty much shot. We’ll get up, go to lunch, go to Erik’s soccer game, pick my mom up from the airport, have dinner, go to bed. Then the next day is Elsa’s party! I am trying to make it easy on myself this year. Bakery cake, these simple party bags, store bought veggie tray, delivered pizza and maybe a bowl of fruit. We’re doing it at MyGym so the entertainment is taken care of. I’m going to see if they can play Let It Go and we’ll try to get the kids to sing it (shouldn’t be that hard since we do it a million times a day. Today at soccer a mom I know told her 7 year old daughter to ask me my daughter’s name. I told her I’d give her a hint and started singing “Snow glows white on the mountain tonight” and she guessed it. Everyone knows the song.)

Oh, that’s the other thing. Elsa’s soccer class. Ugh. I wasn’t going to sign her up for spring soccer, but my friend’s daughter really wanted to do it but was too shy to do it alone. We signed them up for Wednesday at 2, which was perfect. It would have given us something to do in the afternoon, but I’d be home in time to get Erik off the bus. Then that class was cancelled because there were only three enrollments. So now my kids have swimming on Wed at 5:30, Elsa has soccer Thurs at 5 and Erik has soccer Friday at 6. Only three more weeks of the swimming, then we’ll be switching to Mondays at 4, which is much easier on my dinner schedule. No wonder families find themselves eating drive-thru dinners in the car every night. This is nuts! I try not to over schedule my kids, but swimming is a life skill and they both really enjoy soccer. What’s a mom to do? They both need the structured exercise. Hell, I should be out there running for an hour with them. I need to start homeschooling just so we can have a more flexible schedule.

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