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I took the kids to get pictures done on Monday. I picked a good time–we were the only ones there. I felt slightly guilty for pulling Erik out of class early, but when I saw the homework he missed I gave up on all guilt. He missed identifying odd and even numbers. Seriously, is this second grade or preschool? I think it was just a review. They are doing other things, but that just seemed rather ridiculous.

I swear the portrait studio (JCP) puts cocaine in the air. I don’t know why they would want incredibly hyped up kids, but something happens to both my kids when they walk in the door. They go completely nuts and make me want to hide or scream or fly to the moon (not that I would ever want to be an astronaut. That would be the scariest thing ever, a thought I’ve had long before the movie Gravity came out.).

We’ve been there so many times that the kids are totally comfortable going to the prop cabinets and pulling things out. Which is NOT ok with me. At all. Erik immediately asked for the top hat and the gal didn’t even know what he was talking about. She couldn’t find it and said it was probably in storage.

Elsa grabbed a stool and used it to launch herself onto Erik. She weighs 40 pounds. He weighs 55 pounds. She doesn’t know how strong she is and she can totally knock him over. He was getting irritated, and I don’t blame him. She was jumping all over him, grabbing at his shirt, running circles around him and just generally being a menace.

He was trying to be a serious looking model, which was hard to do with Elsa gleefully yelling while running in circles and pummeling him.


This is basically what they were doing the whole time. If you haven’t seen the series on FB, you are welcome to click through for more. We did get a winner for the Christmas card and a great one of Elsa. We got one of Mr. Skeptical Erik, which is the look he was going for.

I ordered a solid purple shirt from Amazon, but they sent the wrong size. I didn’t notice until I put it on him. And oh lord, just getting that shirt on him. “It’s purple! I’m not wearing purple! It has buttons! I’m not wearing buttons! I’m not tucking it in! NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!”

Everyone thinks Elsa looks just like me, and she does. But I look just like my mom. But Elsa looks a lot like my dad. Genetics are crazy. It gives me such a funny feeling to look at her and see facial expressions my dad used to have. Her lips are exactly like his.

What else is going on?

We had a PTA meeting last night. The president announced that I would be the president next year and I publicly said “no way.” I can’t work with these people. No one seems to know the value of keeping commitments, taking initiative and all that jazz. And honestly? A lot of them don’t seem to be that intelligent. People seem to have a lot of trouble making logical connections, pre-planning, and generally being competent. I don’t know how the species hasn’t died off.

OK, gotta take Erik up to bed. At least I get to lay in bed and read my book. I am really enjoying this new routine!


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    November 7, 2013 @ 8:11 pm


  2. ~zandra~ said,

    November 7, 2013 @ 11:10 pm

    I haven’t seen a pic of Erik in a while, I guess, because it hit me how much older he looks now! Time, flying and all that jazz.

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