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My time of posting Erik’s antics may be coming to an end. I’ve been ordered to not post anything on facebook about him without prior approval upon pain of death. I’ll respect that, of course. My baby is growing up *sniffle*. He’s still a show-off, though, so I don’t think the well will run dry quite yet.

Both the kids have been in swimming lessons since July and they love it. I keep thinking I need to end the lessons because it’s winter, but it is their favorite part of the week and swimming is an important life skill. I’ve noticed lately that they are having horrible eye reactions to the chlorine. It was never good, exactly, but the last few weeks they’ve had red eyes for at least three days after swim class. Last week I almost took Erik to the doctor, his eyes were so red.

I dug out some goggles but none of them fit very well, so I bought them some new goggles at the pool.

Who’d have thunk it would change their lives?

They’ve been spending a good portion of their evenings in the bathtub with the goggles on. They even seem to be having *gasp* fun together. They are a typical set of siblings–fighting interspersed with playing together. Erik says he doesn’t like Elsa, but he often seeks her out. They watch TV together because he secretly likes Strawberry Shortcake and My Little Pony but can’t watch it on his own. It’s really fun to watch their friendship develop. He drives me crazy because he wants to be the boss, but I was the exact same way when I was that age (and. . . ummmmm. . . now) so who can blame him. Oldest child syndrome, right? Not that I allow it, but I understand his perspective.

In Elsa news.. . .

Yesterday she was having a three year old moment where she just repeated the same thing over and over and over and was getting more and more upset that we weren’t following her instructions. She was holding up her fingers saying “glamma hair” (only pronouncing hair more like he with a short e) over and over and over. We tried to get her to clarify, but it was still impossible to determine what she wanted. I finally figured out she wanted nail polish, something she’s never had before. I don’t wear it, but happened to have a bottle so put some on her.

So now she’s getting her nails painted on a daily basis. I must have bought some serious shit nail polish the last time I was tempted at Target, because it rubs right off in the bathtub. It’s blue and she wants purple, so I guess we get to go buy girly stuff.

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  1. ~zandra~ said,

    November 20, 2013 @ 12:39 am

    My kids always claimed the nail polish came off in the tub. I told them they were wrong, now you’re telling me I just bought cheap polish? I don’t think I’ll share that tidbit with the kids ;)

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