Good Things

+I put on a pair of jeans from the bottom of the closet the other day and they are clearly THAT jean–the perfect fit for me. Comfortable, non-butt baggy, decent looking. I needed more! Thanks to the magic of the internet I found the exact jeans (Levi’s 590 which seemed to be made for apple shapes) on Zappos. Whoo-hoo! Now I have three pairs of comfy jeans!

+My winter coat is literally falling apart. I bought it on clearance for $30 from Macy’s a couple of years ago. It was stylish, but not at all warm. I finally bit the bullet and bought an expensive coat from LL Bean. It is so fabulous! Why did I not do this last year? It is not exactly stylish, but it is warm and super, super comfy. The only issue is that it makes a lot of crinkle noise, which hurts my teeth (I don’t know why certain noises hurt my teeth, but they do).

+Home Depot has paint match. Hallelujah. The lady said it would only be a 93-98% match, which makes no sense to me since they literally put the piece of peeled off paint into a machine to get the color. However, the paint seems to be a better match than that so hopefully it won’t look too bad. If you are on FB, you probably saw my totally stressed out update about Elsa pulling patches of paint off the wall and writing all over the damned thing. (All crayons in this house have been confiscated. My house is COVERED in purple crayon marks). I don’t know exactly how she did it, but she pulled off patches around the window. Took it clear down to the drywall. I spackled today and will sand it down and paint when Mike has a chance to help me move her bed out of the way. I think she did it at night when she was bored and not sleeping.

+Though I am PISSED at the purple crayon marks all over my walls, when I crawled into her bed (it’s a loft bed covered with a canopy) I found a whole row of letters she’d written. Letters! Erik hates writing and never liked to practice. Her letters at age 3.5 are better formed than Erik’s letters were at the end of kindergarten. It’s amazing!

But did she really have to practice on the wall? In deep purple crayon? Magic Erasers are amazing, but the purple is so dark it is almost impossible to get it all off.

+All those years of being stressed out of my skin when we took Erik out in public has finally paid off. He is such a good kid these days. Our MOMS Club went out to dinner tonight and he was truly a delight. He was the only big kid, so he was involved in the adult conversation. He told jokes, asked astute questions and didn’t even fight with his sister. We won’t talk about his sister’s behavior. She wasn’t actually that bad, though. There was a lady with an almost two year old that I wanted to strangle. He had the most horrific screech and he was running around the place, completely uncontrolled. She kept saying “I just don’t know what to do.” and I finally told her that I would pick him up and take him out. She got pissed at me, of course, but I don’t care. Her son’s behavior was completely out of control and we were getting the stink-eye from every person in the place. It was mortifying. If any of my kids had EVER acted like that, I would have had to get up and leave (and, in fact, I did just that many times when Erik was a toddler).

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