*I find it extremely amusing that the most liberal person on my facebook and the most conservative person on my facebook often post the exact same articles. They are all conspiracy theory type stuff about the medical field, but it always makes me do a double take.

*I am feeling really emotionally off center after an incredibly horrific crime happened about two miles from my house. I didn’t know the parties involved, but it is just way, way too close to home. It hit national news, so if you’ve seen the tragic crime news out of Germantown about an exorcism you’ll know what I’m talking about. If you don’t know, I would strongly encourage you to not seek out the information. It is very triggering, especially if you have children. Apparently the scene was so bad that they’ve had to bring in counseling specialists to talk to the first responders (at least that’s what my friends who know people in law enforcement are telling me). I can’t quite shake the sick feeling I have over this situation.

*Let’s talk something happy! Hmmmmm. . .

I’ve been doing my physical therapy. The first day was fantastic with the massage and heat, but now it sucks. It is a lot of Pilates types exercises, which hurt but are good for me. My main complaint is that they have really boring TV blaring in the little room. Today was a mix of TMZ and ESPN. Ugh. I finally got smart and got my book when it was time for my massage and ice. I wish I could do that during the exercises, but I can’t count and read at the same time. Today they gave me the electric shocks and ice at the same time, which was very unpleasant. My knee did feel a lot better when I came out of there, though, so that’s something.

*My kids are completely obsessed with the movie Tangled. I enjoy it too, but I find it strange that we have watched nothing but Tangled on every single car ride for the past several months and then when we come in the house they want to watch YouTube videos of their favorite scenes. I suppose it could be worse–it could be Curious George.

And I never get tired of hearing Chuck’s voice (the same actor voices the male lead).

*Somehow I never watched the final three Chuck episodes. I wonder if they’re on NetFlix.

*Anyone watching any good TV this season? I’m really enjoying some sitcoms, which is very unusual for me! I am loving The Goldbergs, Super Fun Night and Trophy Wife. I hope they don’t get cancelled. We’re also watching Almost Human. I like it, but am basically only watching it because it’s from the creators of Fringe.

*Erik started reading the Weird School books and I’m completely disgusted by them. The main character is a kid who hates school and makes awful jokes about the girls in class, including calling them fat. I can see that they would be appealing to that high/low group (high interest book/low reading level) but . . . ugh. They are hateful. I wanted to slap the smarmy little jerk-face protagonist tonight. I talked it over with Erik and he says “Mom, that’s just how kids are! I love them! Don’t you know that there are lots of kids at school I don’t like?”

Which is all true, I suppose, but I am not impressed. I don’t want him reading these, but he is obsessed so I guess I have a decision to make. Let him read what he wants and trust he will parse out the good from the bad, or censor his reading materials. As his mother I believe it is my job to censor his reading materials, but as an educator I find the idea distasteful.

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