Storming the bank

I can’t believe I never posted about the most exciting thing I’ve done in a long time!

Two weeks ago we had a MOMS Club business meeting. These meetings are always held in a local bank’s community room. We’ve been having the meetings at the same time, same day, same place ever since I joined the chapter over five years ago. We’ve had problems with the room before, but nothing significant unless you count two months ago when water was sheeting out of the ceiling and when we reported it, the tellers were just like “I’m sure maintenance will get to it sometime today” with completely bored looks on their faces.

There’s a specific guy who signs the key out to us and when he isn’t there we often have some confusion, but we’ve always gotten the key.

Well, last Wednesday he wasn’t there and wasn’t reachable by phone and had not left any instructions about giving us the key. The tellers are completely useless when it comes to doing anything helpful (see above for their response to a major flood) and told our president that they couldn’t help us get into the room and we’d have to cancel our meeting. This despite us having a contract with the bank about the days we will use the room and showing them the e-mail confirming our use of the room for this particular day.

The president came outside to talk to us and try to figure out what to do. The main problem is that we’d invited three prospective members to this meeting so would have no way to communicate a change in plans to them. Plus, we are not allowed to invite prospective members to our homes. And what if we had scheduled a guest speaker? We do that several times a year! It really pissed me off! We were supposed to have the room and the tellers needed to talk to someone above their pay grade, not just send us on our merry way because they didn’t know what to do.

So, always the rabble rouser, I suggested that we all go into the bank and see if someone other than a teller could help us. Imagine 12 moms and 18 toddlers entering a completely empty bank lobby. Every single person came out of their office to stare at us and after some back and forth with a higher up, we were let into the room less than five minutes after storming the bank.

Sadly, one of those prospective members showed up and I think we scared her away. She sat through the meeting, but did not fill out the paperwork and has not answered my follow-up e-mail. Oh well. Her loss! Her name was Kerri so I am not too sad about not having to share a name.

Tomorrow we are having a cookie exchange, so I tried something completely different and made white chocolate cherry shortbread. It turned out so good! You probably saw the pic on my FB page. I just made one mistake and used stupid jimmy sprinkles instead of nonpareils or sugar sprinkles as suggested by the recipe. The waxy tastes really ruins the goodness of the cherries. Live and learn! I never dreamed I would be making a cherry based cookie because I don’t care for whole cherries, but I do like cherry flavor and this is the recipe that came up when I googled “best cookie for a cookie exchange.” I know that is a silly google, but sometimes I find some great gems that I wouldn’t necessarily try when I google like that. I am so over all of my recipes.

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