The Bane of my Existance

Another day, another post!

If we’re Facebook friends, you know another reason I am so busy I can barely breathe some days. I am finishing out my second year as PTA president. Thank the lords of Kobol there’s a two-year term limit on PTA board positions so I can’t get sucked back in. I’m almost freeeeeeeeee!

My time with the PTA has been pretty rocky. For years I thought the main PTA people hated me because of where I lived. I don’t live in the McMansion neighborhood surrounding the school; I live quite a ways away in a townhouse community.
Last night I discovered that they don’t hate me because of where I live. They hate everyone who is not in their little clique. Most of the clique moved on to middle school last year, which has been great this year. No more tension! There’s just one of them left and she pulled quite a number at our last PTA meeting—tried to tell us that we had to pay $1,100 for a fifth grade field trip that the PTA has never paid for before and is not in our budget. We had an emergency board meeting last night and I found out that all the other people on the board have also been victims of this clique. And all those people live in the “right” neighborhood. I don’t know whether to be happy it’s not just me or sad that people are so immature and catty.

Honestly, I am ready to move far, far away from this school and this neighborhood. It was a cute little place when we moved in, but right now there are six cop cars sitting outside my house while the cops are doing who knows what inside one of my neighbor’s houses. My kids get nothing at school because the teachers are so busy trying to deal with the seriously bad behaviors of some of the other students. I am tired of it all. I always said I loved this town and how family friendly it is, but people are being stabbed in the Safeway and robbed outside the library. Now that my kids are both in school I barely see my friends. I think it is time to move on. To where, I don’t know. Hopefully by this time next year we’ll have a good game plan for both Mike and myself, employment wise.

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  1. Margie Veasey said,

    May 12, 2016 @ 4:36 pm

    I know what you mean about the PTA. I have many stories to tell.

    I’m sorry your neighborhood changed. We moved into our house… a rental… with the idea that we would eventually buy the house. But after living here for almost 4 years, we have realized that this neighborhood is getting dangerous, and it’s just not for us. They are putting in an elementary school just down the road from us, and some “locals” don’t like it, so they’ve been roaming around at night shooting at signs and stuff. It’s crazy.

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